TSS Central Phoenix

Register online or call us at 602 283 5677.

Central Phoenix Traffic School is an Arizona Supreme Court certified provider of the Defensive Driving class in Arizona. This class is usually taken to allow a traffic citation or ticket to be dismissed without appearing on your driving record. The class is also taken to receive a discount on Automobile Insurance premiums or for a job requirement.

Unlike many schools that schedule classes and then cancel at the last minute, we have never cancelled a class. If we schedule you for a class, we will show up!

Our fee to attend our Defensive Driving class is $41 and is one of the lowest in the state of Arizona! The total amount paid will include our $41 fee plus the fees paid to the court and state to dismiss your ticket. The state of Arizona charges a state fee of $24 and a surcharge of $45. The court will also charge a dismissal fee which varies from court to court. Call us to get the total fee to dismiss your ticket.

You are allowed to attend the Defensive Driving program class only once every 12 months to dismiss a ticket. 

When you schedule your class, keep in mind that you must attend class 7 or more days prior to your court date. You must your traffic ticket, any court papers you  might have received, your ID and a money order (or certified check) for the total amount due.

You may register for a Defensive Driving class here.